Macedonia Heritage

Golden wreath from Pella

Macedonian Heritage

A story that would change the world forever

Ancient Amphitheatre of Mieza near Naoussa

Mieza - The ancient Macedonian city on Naoussa's doorstep

Your journey into ancient Macedonia starts here

Aristotle's school

Aristotle's School

Where a future king was educated to rule the world

New archaeological excavations in Mieza 2018

The story is still being unearthed

Follow the events as they unfold


Vergina - The palace and tombs of the kings

It feels like you're walking on the set of an Indiana Jones movie


Dion - The sacred place of the ancient Macedonians

Discover what the ancient Macedonians put their hope in and how they practised their faith


The capitol of an empire

The palace of the Macedonians