Macedonia Heritage

Ancient Amphitheatre in Naoussa

Macedonian Heritage

A story that would change the world forever


Vergina - The tombs of the kings

It feels like you're walking on the set of an Indiana Jones movie

Behind the very door in this picture laid the remains of Phillip II, King of Macedon, widely credited for uniting the Macedonian tribes and preparing the way for his son, Alexander the Great, to conquer the known world and write this significant chapter of global history.

Imagine being the first to have entered this shrine, seeing all the great king's treasures that had not seen the light of day for over two millennia. And what secrets it housed. It’s a discovery as large and as significant as any.


Treasure that will tell you a tale

Aristotle's school

Aristotle's School

Where a future king was educated to rule the world


Dion - The sacred place of the ancient Macedonians

Discover what the ancient Macedonians put their hope in and how they practised their faith


The capitol of an empire

The palace of the Macedonians